Pokemon Go Hunting

Not long ago, all the talk was about Pokemon Go and how to play the game. For those who don’t know, it’s a free to play game for your mobile phone that has taken the world by storm. Adults, and kids alike love to play this game because it gets them out of the house and interacts with the world around them.

The developers of the game (a collaboration between Niantic and Nintendo), use your mobile phone’s GPS device to locate, capture, battle, and train virtual creatures, called Pok√©mon, who appear on the screen as if they were in the same real-world location as the player.

While there were originally many fans of this game, the population of the player base has gone down to a few main reasons.

  1. The tracking of the Pokemon was great at first, but then they tweaked it, and many fans were not happy with the results. They have since tried to “fix” it, but it’s still not as good as the original tracking they had in place in the very beginning.
  2. Third party programs came out to help their fellow Pokemon hunters, and they were threatened by the developers that if they didn’t remove their third party tracking programs, the users would be banned.
  3. Not enough interaction to keep the game going – once you hit a certain level and get all the Pokemon, you are stuck waiting on the developers to make more.

So while the game came out very strong, it’s not quite as popular as it once was. Although there are still quite a bit of Pokemon players out there, it seems like the newer players would get more enjoyment out of it now-a-days.

Another thing about the game is the locations to find the little creatures to capture. My kids still play this game every now and then, and I remember one of the first locations that they found a new creature was over by an air conditioner repair Shreveport location.


Keeping warm in the winter time

It’s that time of year again, and the temperatures outside drop down to cooler weather.

Is your furnace or heater working? Most people don’t even think about their central heating or cooling unit until they go to use it, and it doesn’t work anymore.

I know the feeling, I’ve been there. My AC unit has gone out before, multiple times, and it’s a real pain to get it fixed.

Thankfully my furnace has been working perfectly since the day it was installed, over 6 years ago. Then again, living in the south, I don’t use it quite as much as the air conditioners.

Cooling Woes

It’s that time again, for more random musings!

This time around, it’s about what happens when your air conditioner decides to stop working. Unfortunately I had this issue not too long ago, and as the temperature continues to climb here in the south, my upstairs bedroom started getting hotter and hotter. Obviously to the point where I had to call someone out (again) to get it fixed. You would think an AC unit that is barely 5 years old wouldn’t have so many issues.

Needless to say, I finally found an air conditioner repair company who was not out to rip me off and just take my money with a unit that would break a few months later like the last few did.

More to come soon!

Energy Healing

Welcome and thank you for stopping by my Random Musings website.

This is where I will write out random things that come to mind. Since the name of the website is random, I figured everything else on it will be as well.

My first random post will be about energy. Since energy is everywhere and in everything, it’s safe to say that everything is energy. Even your thoughts are energy, the chair you are sitting in, the ground you walk on, etc. You name it, it has energy.

Did you know that you can heal yourself with energy as well? Since everything is energy, even our bodies respond to energy healing and many people have healed themselves of deadly diseases that they couldn’t with traditional methods.

What traditional methods you might ask? The kind where you go pay a Doctor for them to cut into you (perform surgery), or give you a substance (medication) that will only temporarily make you feel better…

What if there was a way to control energy and how it heals you? What if this was available for everyone, but it was so far “out there” that most people would automatically think it’s a scam?

I have seen the benefits of healing with energy, and experienced it myself. It was quite different than traditional methods, and very subtle in the ways of healing.

Would I use energy healing for all types of healing? Definitely not…there will still be times where you need a Doctor. For example, if I get into some type of accident that I severely cut myself, no amount of energy is going to stop the bleeding. I’m going to need a Doctor to stitch me up.